Chastity: Do you have what it takes?

I will hold the keys for you, your sexual desires under my control.  With your poor little cock locked away in that cramped little cage, your attention will be focused on me, and only me. I'm sure it won't be too frustrating once you get used to your new life as a chaste little sub and you will feel relieved and free, not wasting your life and energy playing with yourself like a naughty little slut.

Many boys, sissies and girls love to think that they will enjoy been controlled by me, but chastity takes this to an entirely new level and being locked for an entire month, or more, soon breaks even the strongest of boys. Can you handle it?

What does lockup include?

Each month of lockup will include the following:

  •  Full month of chastity under my strict control
  •  Teasing images, messaged nd/or voice notes from me
  •  Daily verification images showing that you are locked (with date in image) required to be sent to me (face not required)
  •  Punishments and/or fines for failed tasks or forgotten verifications (punishment to be discussed before starting lockup)
  •  Reward at the end of the month for completion

How does it work?

You should decide if you want to start with one month only or try and do more.

On the first day of the month you should lockup in chastity following my instruction. You will use a plastic numbered tag lock* and send me an image of you locked with the number clearly visible. Each day you will send me another image showing the number tag and the date (such as on a newspaper or PC screen) to prove that you are locked away and denied still.

*if you have a cage with a built in lock and are unable to use a tag then other options will be available.

If you have a fetish friendly social media account then you should post your verification image on that account also each day noting what day number and showing who owns that little locked cock/clitty.

£100 Tribute required for 1 locked month.

Can you handle multiple months? Prove it!

Welcome slave!

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