I can have so much fun with electrics.  I am sure you will enjoy being out in public with me with that ring round your balls and the remote in my hand.  You will be begging Me for mercy and every moment will be in anticipation of the next shock..

That tiny little cock, those pathetic little balls, that poor tight arse, nothing is safe from my electro torment.

Using a number of electro stimulation toys I can provide numerous different sensations ranging from intense pleasure all the way to intense torment and pain.
Depending on my mood and you’re behaviour, you may be lucky enough to get pleasure or you may just have to suffer in pain as I torment you.

Electro stimulation has the advantage of leaving no marks or scars and can be experienced by both novices and experienced slaves.

Your fate is in my hands.

Be warned, if you misbehave or are a naughty slave, then I may just fry those little balls without mercy. But if you do as you are told and please me, then you may just get to experience an electro orgasm.

If you are unlucky I may even just lock that tiny cock in to an electric chastity cage just to torment you that bit more.

I use a range of electro toys and accessories including tens units, violet wands, electro penis straps, urethral sounds and butt plugs.
I am always increasing and fine tuning my collection of toys and always finding new fun ways to use them to torment you.

I am also able to offer electro torture sessions via Skype is you have your own electro toys. If you wish to get your own toys for use with my on Skype then I would recommend that you purchase a unit that can be controlled via sound/audio, this will allow me to take full control of your fate remotely.

What fun (for Me).

Welcome slave!

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