Forced Orgasm

That tiny little thing you keep in your pants belongs to me, it may be attached to you but make no mistake, that is my cock and I will do with it what I please.

Sometimes I may beat that cock and balls but other times I prefer a more sensual form of torture. It may feel like pleasure at first, but you will soon be begging me for mercy.

You will be restrained, your every move restricted before I start my torment. Once I have you secured I will chose my weapon of choice, it could be electo stimulation or it may be a doxy, maybe even both. I will start to tease you, slowly increasing the intensity until you are unable to hold off any longer. You will be begging for permission to release. If you are lucky I may grant you the most mind blowing orgasm of your life. But it won’t end there. Once you have released the teasing will only continue. I will not stop until I am satisfied that I have drained every last drop of cum out of those pathetic little balls.

I may force you to cum twice, three times, five times or maybe more.
How long will it be before you start to beg for mercy?

You may even get to experience an intensely torturous dry orgasm at the end of an extended edging session.

You will be back for more!

Welcome slave!

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