South Warwickshire - Dungeon

Overnight Sessions

The ultimate session - an overnight session at the hands of a strict, beautiful Mistress.

I offer overnight sessions at a private dungeon venue in South Warwickshire. Overnight sessions normally start at 7 PM and end at 10 AM, the timing is, however, slightly flexible if other timings are required.

Almost any of the fetishes that I offer can be catered to during overnight sessions. A full list of my interest can be found here.  

The venue offers a fully stocked and well-equipped dungeon setting including a medical area, fucking machines, spanking benches, spinning bondage wheel and much more.

A complete kitchen and domestic area ensure that there is plenty of space to take a break when needed.
Maybe you should also take the opportunity to cook and serve me with a nice breakfast in the morning. 

Overnight sessions start with a relaxed conversation to ensure that I am aware of all of your fetishes and limits prior to play starting. We can then move on and start enjoying our night.

Rest time during overnight sessions will generally involve me leaving you in a helpless, vulnerable position, restrained or caged, ready for me to use and abuse when I feel like it.

Take a look at some of the images below of the venue during the time I have spent with my slaves this venue in the past. 

Shorter sessions are also available at this venue.
*Minimum session times may apply*

Please use my contact form to request a session and/or find out more.

To see more information about this venue, please visit the venue website.

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