Smothering / Face Sitting

How long can you last slave? You don’t need to breathe once you have the privilege of being beneath me.

As an experienced Mistress one of my many favourite tactics used to torture my poor little victims is smothering.

A sofa, a chair, a seat… That is what you are to me. Your face is my seat.

With the slightest move of my body I will take full control of your breathing and your air flow, I truly do hold ALL the power. You will be instructed to lie down on the ground or on the bed, I may decide to tie you down or I may not but it really does not matter, because once I place my stunning buttocks on your face, you will have no desire to ever move again.

You will be trapped beneath me. Trapped within your own fantasy that has become reality.
Regardless if you are a total newcomer to smothering or an experienced player, you will be safe with me.

I am always watching your every move and judging when you need to take another breath, but you can always tap out if you feel the need to do so.

Note: Smothering is offered at my discretion and is offered clothed only.

Welcome slave!

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