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Princess, i'm so blessed to serve you online many times, really addicted to Princess because she is the one who can take any slave/sub to take to their new heights of kinks/fetish etc, honestly, my dream is to be her real slave and live under her feet forever.

Online Slave - 'prin'


I have sessioned with Princess Jessica several times and she is awesome.
Both times we had dinner and some drinks before heading back to her flat.
She is a skilled Mistress who indulged my need for nipple torture, feet and leg worship and a good old fashion arse beating.
I highly recommend her.

Rob R - Via Mistress Review


I am so pleased that I met you, princess. You have changed my life drastically.

Any time that I look back to how my life was before meeting you, it depresses me to think how sad my life was and how little of a life I actually had.

I will openly admit that I was a little nervous before first meeting you, however as soon as you open the door, those nerves disappeared immediately.

You have the amazing ability to calm nerves whilst still maintaining true dominance.

Since first meeting you, we have done so much together, you have given me so many new experiences, shown me an entirely new world and taken control of so much of my life.

You are very attractive, you have an amazing personality and time with you is always like a dream, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

I truly feel that I am able to talk to you about anything and everything.

You have helped me develop as a slave and as a person, and you have helped me massively on so many occasions.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I truly could not ask for a better Mistress.

With love, Always yours - Your bitch, Chris


"First impressions of Princess Jessika is that she is blonde and cute and butter wouldn’t melt.


She will get inside your head and break you; physically and psychologically.

I loved it.”

slave b


"I enjoyed having a session with Princess Jessika, she is very kind, understanding and a lovely person.

 I am looking for a regular mistress, friendship and I found Princess Jessika and I've made the right choice.

As for the session, i was comfortable, I love breath play (strangulation) and Princess Jessika was perfect.

Princess has got perfect and beautiful feet which i enjoyed worshiping, and trampling was wonderful.

 It was a fantastic session; wonderful, beautiful and charming young lady.

Look forward to visiting again.”



 “I found Princess Jessika on Adultwork and after seeing her videos just had to book a session with her.

Her communication was great, finding out exactly what I was after, and my limits.

On meeting her at her beautiful apartment, she was just as stunning a young lady as her videos and site had shown. I felt really comfortable from the moment I arrived. Although that wasn't to last once the session started.

As it was our first session together, Princess was strict and demanding and in control but didn't push me beyond my limits.

All in all a great fun session with a gorgeous Mistress in a fabulous setting. I can't wait to serve on my knees again in front of Princess Jessika.”



“A Poem

i wince with every touch of my flesh?

yet i groan with your commanding and specific compress

bound up, rubber clad -direct and I'll follow

and I'll control less

my mind, it is frayed

as you sink your fingers in

grasping my will, crumbling it

my 'fight' you down-pin

a personification of rich diadem

from leather and lace

punishment beating hand does stem

gently overwhelming

curvature perfection

to Your snarling tiger teeth, I'm a wee wren”



“The session started with my beautiful Mistress ordering me to strip naked for her. Then I was made to wait on my knees until she returned .  I was ordered to place my tribute in front of me so she could clearly see it.  My beautiful mistress then made me lick her boots while she picked up the tribute.  Also I gifted 2 bottles of wine for Mistress to relax while I was being trained



The tribute was scattered around the room and I was collared and made to pick up every note with my teeth and place it on her bed.

Mistress rode me while I did this like a obedient slave should.  slave was then ordered to remove her boots with my teeth, I did this to reveal beautiful black stockings which I was ordered to lick and kiss.

Mistress was constantly tickling me with a whip while I obeyed her every instruction.

I must have been naughty as I was ordered into the cage and locked in.  Mistress then removed her sexy black stockings to reveal those beautiful feet.  I was teased by her offering her toes through the bars and making me lick, kiss & suck them.  It was a beautiful denial and I was trying so hard to lick those beautiful feet.

I was released and allowed the privilege of licking her bare feet, sucking her little red toes and kissing them.  Mistress was tickling me all the time to arouse her new plaything.  The HOGTIE  came out and I was ball gagged as well, then my beautiful Mistress did the ultimate torture and commenced tickling my feet until I begged her to stop.

Her tickles are exquisite and no man could not submit after time to her!!

I begged her to stop but this made her tickle more, I had my feet and my body tickled at the same time, the feeling was amazing, I was forced to submit to her and now I must serve her.

She teased me by rubbing her foot around my body and making sure I could not lick or kiss those sexy toes of hers.  Then as I was under her control totally, I was made to kneel and do more foot worship.

I lost all will power and only wanted to obey my Mistress commands and be her plaything.

After more foot worship I was told that I had to leave, I begged Mistress for 2 more minutes with those sexy toes and she very kindly consented.

I was ordered to dress and leave, I will be back for more sessions.

I have never had such a pleasurable experience, she totally controls you and respects your wishes, there is no better Mistress to serve in the WORLD.”

Mistress Jessika’s  new PUPPY/FOOTBITCH


A Poem

Mistress Jessika’s sessions are the best

she is better than all the rest

Tickles & teases for an hour,

then you are totally under her power.

don't be naughty or you go in the cage

the teasing she does there will make you rage

her pretty little toes are red

you had better obey what she says.

Hogtied & tickled till you submit,

how power over you is complete,

all mistresses in the world compared to her are just knaves ,

I am under her power and now her slave



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