Kick, kick, Kick

Bullbusting is one of my favourite things to do during a session. Every kick, every bit of pain serves to remind you of your place as a slave at my feet.

Barefoot, heels, boots or maybe my knee. Who knows what torment I may subject those pathetic balls to during our session. Kicking, Caning, Punching, Spanking… Your balls are mine.

Some hit's are hard, some hit's soft, every one will hurt. You will feel it in your balls, you will feel it in your stomach.
As you look into my eyes you only feel care about the feeling of devotion and loyalty.
The pain will drift away, as you look into my eyes. I control your mind.

During ballbusting play, I may decide to restrain you to keep you firmly in place ready for the next kick or hit.

I may tie your balls tight, increasing your sensitivity, even the lightest touch will then hurt.

How much can your balls take? or should I say MY balls...

Welcome slave!

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