Shopping Trips

A good slave desires to please it's owner. There are many ways for slaves to please me, and I love shopping trips.

Once we have organised a date we meet at the selected shopping centre and the fun begins.

Walking around the shops and browsing all the lovely items to feed my shopping addiction whilst you walk behind me pushing the trolley. Whilst your arms fill up with my selections of gorgeous clothing, shoes, handbags and anything else that takes my fancy.

I do require a deposit for all shopping trips.  Most of my favourite places to shop offer gifts card that you can fill up.
If you please me and we agree before, we may be able to go for lunch as well [your treat of course].

If you would like to treat me to a shopping trip but are unable to be there in person, you can always fill up some gifts card for my favourite places and I can tease you with photos or phone calls during my day of shopping. Maybe I will make it a day out with the girls.

Limits for the day can be discussed via email depending upon your budget.

Welcome slave!

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