Sissification & Chastity

Admit it, you really do like the feel of satin and love the idea of being ordered into a pair pretty pink panties with lots of frills and ribbons.  Then stepping into a very pretty dress with lots of frilly petticoats.

Once you’re dressed, I may apply a little make up and when I am happy with your look, you will be ordered to curtsey, then kneel before Me, My sweet sissy.   Now you are a sissy; My sissy bitch.

I may decide to laugh and humiliate you or make you do some sissy domestic duties, but one thing is for sure, your maleness will taken away while you are in My presence.


I have a few slaves in chastity, some in weekend lock-up, some permanent.  I understand that personal circumstances can dictate what you can manage and tailor my rules accordingly.   Prices do depend on the level of monitoring and control required. 

Long term chastity can be a truly benefical attitude changer and most long term users would never go back.

For those starting out, the Holy Trainer or similar device is very wearable.  The more experienced user may go for a high quality (but much more expensive) steel or titanium one.

Welcome slave!

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