Blackmail can take the relationship between mistress and slave to new levels. New and exciting levels of control.

Many people think consensual blackmail can only be done as a part of a financial play. It is true that a lot of blackmail play is financially motivated however, this is not the only way.

You can rest assured that during consensual blackmail play, I always use a predetermined safe word or safe option [i.e a buy out fee].

Once you agree to consensual blackmail you will be required to give me a certain amount of personal information and maybe some compromising photos of yourself (depending upon your limits). This information I will then use to enforce your financial commitments or slave training. 

Follow my slave mantra and you might just survive.

Obedience | Loyalty | Devotion

Financial blackmail:

After an initial conversation, we discuss financial limits, safe words and all other details.

We will set up a regular payment plan and the blackmail forfeits that will be involved if you fail to meet the payment plan.

You will send me information and details that you do not wish people to know about, as well as the details of the people who you would like to keep your dirty secrets hidden from. I will then use this information to ensure that you keep your part of the bargain.

Financial blackmail can also be combined with non-financial blackmail for the ultimate consensual blackmail experience.

Fail at your own peril.

Non-Financial blackmail:

Financial blackmail is not for everyone, maybe it is not a fetish that you have, or may you are not able to commit financially, but you still wish to experience consensual blackmail. Not to worry, this can easily be arranged.

Blackmail can be done either in person or via online sessions and instructions.

As a Mistress, I always encourage my slaves and submissives to achieve more and be better people, both in their service to me but also in life in general. Blackmail is a very powerful method that I can use to achieve this.

Using information and photos that you have sent to me I can ensure that you complete my tasks and instructions as given. Tasks can involve a range of different daily chores or fetish tasks, either in person during sessions with me, online in session with me, or during your day to day life with evidence of completed tasks sent to me.

We can discuss your needs, fetishes, limits and safe words before we start any blackmail play.

Welcome slave!

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